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When I first began 5th year in St. Colm’s High School Draperstown, it became the time where I had to decide what career I would like to do in the future...read more


I spent 5 years living in Scotland, Australia, Canada and South Korea. My time in Seoul was spent teaching English which I thoroughly enjoyed although I’d …read more


My name is Donna Moore and I started volunteering with the Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre and InVOLve House as a Volunteer Receptionist in Dec …read more


Maureen Hurrell, of Randalstown, has been named ‘People’s Champion’ by Action on Hearing Loss’ for her volunteer work befriending people …read more


My name is Moira Shaw and I have been a Volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Society for 15 years.  Initially I belonged to a Steering Group in …read more


Bob has been volunteering with the Witness Service for over 5 years and explains “As a self-employed software designer working from home I originally …read more


I’m currently studying for a HND Beauty Therapy at Belfast Metropolitan College.  I volunteer with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust to help run …read more


Approximately 18 years ago I was contacted by Cherry Dickson, the manager of the Volunteer Centre in Rainey Street.  She asked me if I would be willing to …read more


I registered with Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre nearly six years ago now. I was introduced to the Volunteer Centre by Anne from Action Mental Health…read more


I’ve been a volunteer with Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre since April 2018.  I was introduced to volunteering by my NHSCT Day Opportunities Co-ordinator. I loved the …read more


After having my house broken into and cars stolen, I began to wonder why young people were roaming the streets in the middle of the night and why were they …read more


When I returned to Northern Ireland from working in England I was seeking employment. During my employment search I came across the Volunteer Centre’s  …read more

Rodney & Ryan

Rodney and Ryan’s story illustrates how volunteering can help the people we support to be involved in their local community and live life as fully as possible …read more


Volunteering in Magherafelt is probably one of the best uses of your spare time available.  Don’t believe me?! What other activity allows you to use your …read more


I was encouraged to get involved with the ChildLine Schools Service as the type of work and responsibilities sounded very interesting to me. I would like my future …read more


For over a year now I’ve been befriending a lady called Susan (not her real name). In that time we’ve attended a number deaf events including signed …read more


My name is Mariah and I am 21 years old. I recently completed my degree in Drama and have a passion for directing and being involved in performance…read more


As I sat down to write this, I was amazed to find that in some way or other I had been volunteering for the last 53 years.  When I was 19, I was appointed …read more


Hello my name is Oisin Campbell, I’m 18 years old and am currently studying Sports, Level 3 at the Northern Regional College. I am an active person that …read more


After starting university and finding my feet I realised there are so many opportunities to take part in volunteer work.  I have always wanted to do …read more


Hi, I am David Morrow and I live in Upperlands in Mid-Ulster.  I have been involved in voluntary work for most of my life, however it is only in the last few years …read more


My name is Eileen, I’m married and have 3 grown up sons and when I retired from the Civil Service in 2010 after 20 years sitting behind a desk, I promised myself never …read more


After a long wait and all the application forms were sifted through, interviews completed and the Volunteers were selected I received an email …read more

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