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Sean's Volunteer Story

I spent 5 years living in Scotland, Australia, Canada and South Korea. My time in Seoul was spent teaching English which I thoroughly enjoyed although I’d say my favourite time away was spent living in Australia for 2 years. I’m also a DJ and I have a passion for music production.

I found out about volunteering through Heather form Disability Job Match. She has been guiding me back to work as I’ve spent many years battling and recovering from CFS/ME.

I volunteer for the Cookstown office of Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre. My main role is to work alongside Megan and making sure the volunteer and organisation records are kept up to date, and updating details on the database and any other admin duties that is needed.

It’s been great volunteering for the Volunteer Centre. I find it very rewarding to give my time and see the great sense of achievement that volunteering brings to people.

There have been a few small challenges that I’ve faced getting to know my role and making sure volunteer records are kept accurate. Megan is always there to keep me right and point me in the right direction.

For me, a special event that took place was the staff Christmas party held in the Sizzlin’ Smokehouse in Magherafelt. It was a chance for me to meet and get to know the other members of staff from the Magherafelt office.

I would definitely recommend volunteering to anyone. It’s a great chance to offer up your time and learn many new skills in the process. There’s a great sense of achievement as it’s very rewarding and it will be very positive on your CV.

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