About us

'Linking those who need help in the community with those who want to help.'

The Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre is committed to working with the community to encourage social inclusion and to help further personal development through volunteering and/or training.

We believe that empowerment is key to improving health and wellbeing as it is fundamentally about increasing individuals and communities’ control over their lives and their health.

The Volunteer Centre works in partnership with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust to provide an alternative to traditional day-care ‘The Base’ for local people with learning disabilities and empowers them to access local community services and facilities. The purpose of the Base provision is “To enhance the social inclusion and development of friendships for adults with learning disabilities.”

Our ‘Carefully Yours’ Project was developed using a comprehensive programme of activities to promote positive health and wellbeing among older people, including those in the early stage of dementia. It also aims to create awareness of the risks presented to older people as well as to provide support for caregivers. 

Our Team

Centre Manager -      Michele McKeown

Centre Manager - Michele McKeown

075 9338 9461
028 7930 1862

Volunteer Co-ordinator -  Barbara Kennedy

Volunteer Co-ordinator - Barbara Kennedy

075 8729 3458
028 7930 1862

Administration/Project Worker -  Mark Chambers

Administration/Project Worker - Mark Chambers

028 7930 1862

Administration/Project Worker - Aoife McNabb

028 7930 1862

The Base Team

Cookstown Base Co-ordinator - Grace Morrow

Cookstown Base Co-ordinator - Grace Morrow

077 1401 9990

Cookstown Base Co-ordinator - Sandra McKay

Cookstown Base Co-ordinator - Sandra McKay

075 3969 7283

Floating Support - Sarah McErlean

Floating Support - Sarah McErlean


We could not do all we do everyday without the numerous volunteers who help us within our centre.  They are an integral part of the team and we look forward to welcoming them back to our building very soon when its safe to do so.