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Margaret's Volunteer Story

Margaret Logue, a volunteer with Action on Hearing Loss, says her experience as a befriender opened her eyes to the challenges deaf and hard of hearing people face, while at the same time encouraging her friend:

“For over a year now I’ve been befriending a lady called Susan (not her real name). In that time we’ve attended a number deaf events including signed Christmas Carols, and a bowling event. We’ve also enjoyed dinner, talking together and have been known to go shopping together- Susan’s favourite pastime!

Susan enjoys socialising with others – deaf and hearing – and the carers that see her before I do always write in the book how she’s looking forward to my arrival.

Befriending has benefited Susan as it has helped her to adapt to life outside of residential care, and it’s been great watching her ‘grow’ into her new home. Befriending for me has been a fantastic experience. I’ve enjoyed the time spent with Susan and it has opened my eyes to the difficulties deaf people can face. I’ve enjoyed using my British Sign Language skills and it’s nice to know that I’ve been of help, however small, to Susan.

I will miss seeing Susan when our befriending comes to an end and I hope Susan will look back on our time together with happy memories as I know I will.”

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