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Bob's Volunteer Story

Bob has been volunteering with the Witness Service for over 5 years and explains “As a self-employed software designer working from home I originally started volunteering because I wanted to get and out at meet people. After researching the volunteer opportunities in my area, I found Victim Support Witness Service and it was exactly what I was looking for. 

I volunteer one day a week in my local courthouse providing support and assistance to witnesses attending court to give evidence. Every day in court is different which gives me the variety that I am looking for from volunteering. I get to meet people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

I really enjoy the social aspect of volunteering with Victim Support as our local team has the opportunities to meet up regularly through events organised by the local coordinator. My volunteer team is made up of a real mix of people, students, retired individuals and people who work part time but want to put their spare time to good use. Although we are different ages and have different life experiences the one thing, we all have in common is that we are making a real difference. 

We know because that’s what witnesses tell us every day and there is no greater recognition as a volunteer. I never realised how much I would get out of volunteering otherwise I would have applied earlier and I would encourage anyone who is thinking.

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