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Clare's Volunteer Story

My name is Clare Gribben and I’ve been a volunteer with Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre since April 2018.  I was introduced to volunteering by my NHSCT Day Opportunities Co-ordinator. I loved the idea of volunteering as a receptionist for InVOLve House and the Volunteer Centre as I was already attending The Base in Magherafelt which is located upstairs in InVOLve House.

This has been a great opportunity for me, I have got to know a lot of lovely people here and I’m very happy and love my volunteering.  My role as a Volunteer Receptionist is great because I get to meet and greet a lot of people coming in and out of the building, I love helping to deal with their queries and chatting to them.

I was happy to take this role on as I already knew a lot of people in the building and felt comfortable as I know the building inside out. The Volunteer Centre staff are great and very helpful and if I ever need anything, I know they will be happy to help me, I love learning new skills and challenging myself.

The benefit of volunteering for me is that I get to help others and meet new people, I feel this has helped my confidence grow as I never knew that I could do this, it’s all new to me but I am really enjoying it. I am working alongside a great team who are very supportive and understanding, if I am having an off day, they are always there for me no matter what and I am so thankful for them.

I love working with everyone here, we all have a laugh and its good craic and everyone works as part of a team – what more could you want.  I have got to know Donna another volunteer on reception, she has made my time here easier, she supports me so well and looks after me and we have so much fun together, this is what volunteering is all about, do your work but having fun too. 

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