Empowering People In Communities


Introducing the EPIC Volunteer Awards

A new initiative to recognise and validate the contribution made by volunteers!

The EPIC Awards are open to all volunteers who make a commitment of at least 50 hours, within any 12-month period, with three awards up for grabs:

  • Bronze Award – awarded for 50 hours of volunteering
  • Silver Award – awarded for 100 hours of volunteering
  • Gold Award – awarded for 200 hours of volunteering

These hours can be built up through volunteering with one organisation, or multiple organisations, so long as you keep a record of your hours.

Check out the video below to find out how it all works

Why register for an EPIC Award?

Here are our top reasons for volunteers to get involved:

⭐ Get recognition for your time, commitment, experience and skills

⭐ Recording your hours helps you to focus on a target

⭐ The EPIC Record Book helps to record your time, training courses and skills developed

⭐ Your EPIC Award will look great on your CV and is helpful for job applications and interviews.

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What does EPIC Award stand for?

⭐ Empowering

⭐ People

⭐ In

⭐ Communities

We think that our volunteers make an EPIC contribution to the community, and that’s why we’ve set up an initiative to reward volunteers of all ages and across all sorts of organisations.

Did you know that the EPIC Awards are open to ALL!

People of all ages, and volunteering in all sorts of organisations can receive an EPIC Award – all you have to do is put the hours in!

Are you an organisation that would like to reward its volunteers? Register your interest for the EPIC Awards!

Our new EPIC  Volunteer Awards initiative, in conjunction with Volunteering NI, rewards volunteers who make a commitment of at least 50 hours, within any 12-month period.  Want to get involved? 

Simply register your interest with us on the form below, and we’ll provide you with the resources to record and verify your volunteers’ hours. After that, simply send their EPIC Record booklet to us, and we’ll process a certificate!

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