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About the Volunteer Opportunity

The FREE Nationwide App SEE around Britain/Europe, was launched in 2016 by a disabled-run charity in Wales whose trustees are all older citizens born in the early 1950’s.

It aims to encourage full use of its photographic nationwide platform and survey of a huge range of venues, and welcomes ONLINE volunteer contributors to expand its coverage.

Volunteers of all ages can participate ONLINE to help the charity writing venue descriptions for its huge backlog of venue photos waiting to be uploaded to the website, or contributing to the charity’s social media platforms to help raise its profile, or when able to provide photo and video surveys of new venues, including venue owners, to show anti-Covid measures. (Please note, we are volunteer run, so venues need to be local to you as we cannot provide travel expenses.) To upload them & for further information & to register directly as a volunteer go to

  • So volunteers can have an interesting and meaningful activity both during the Lockdown, and after it, with the satisfaction that their efforts will be published on the nationwide website which provides a vital information bank particularly for vulnerable and older citizens.
  • It already has photographs and access details for over 21,000 venues throughout the UK and Ireland & stands ready to help people as we move safely out of lockdown through its free to download app & fully inclusive multilingual website,
  • Its extensive use of photographs for a vast range of types of venue (please see ) shows EXACTLY what to expect when visiting them, and can include their Covid arrangements for social distancing (e.g. schools, post offices, garden centres and libraries, including their online provision).
  • This will give citizens the confidence and reassurance that they are safe to visit. In short, Seeing is Believing and a photograph saves a thousand words. It also uses GPS to enable the user to locate venues near them wherever they are.
  • The app and website are aimed at everybody, the resident and tourist, and also those with special needs. It is fully interactive, enabling venue owners to upload photographs and videos to show their current provision and Covid measures. 

For further information do a search for   

or please contact ‘SAB Support’

About the Organisation

See Around Britain & See Around Europe form a huge photo gazetteer throughout the UK and Ireland and mainland Europe, designed for everybody, including disabled people, to help decide if a venue will be suitable for visits.

Everything from transport access to washroom facilities can be viewed in a series of photographs of the venue. View the suitability and accessibility before you plan to visit or arrive at the venue.

Please see the videos below:

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