Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership

Conservation Volunteer


Saturdays 10am-1pm

Where we are

135a Shore Road
BT45 6JA

About the Volunteer Opportunity

The Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership (LNLP) conservation volunteers meet on weekdays and weekends to carry out a wide range of practical conservation tasks around the shores, wetlands and bogs of Lough Neagh and the rivers that flow in and out of it.

Volunteers help conserve the habitats surrounding Lough Neagh by assisting the LNLP team with the practical management of the sites with varied tasks to suit a wide range of ages, abilities and motivations. Everyone who is capable of a little light work and enjoys spending time outside is welcome to join us. The tasks tie in with the projects the Landscape Partnership is working on and often are carried out alongside our partners.

Join their dynamic team where you will meet new and interesting people. You will learn about the natural environment and the issues it faces. You will gain experience in the practical management of different habitats from bogs and wet woodlands, to river banks and meadows.  Most importantly, you will have a bit of craic whilst doing it and always be rewarded with biscuits and a brew!

Volunteers 16-17-year-olds may volunteer if they have a signed consent form by a parent or guardian, contact the Volunteer Officer for a form.

About the Organisation

The Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership (LNLP) has been established to help protect and enhance the built, natural and cultural heritage of Lough Neagh. It is one of 90 similar projects throughout the UK and one of several in Northern Ireland.

Their aim is to “Manage, conserve and enhance the Lough Neagh Wetlands environment whilst developing economic and social opportunities for local people and visitors.”

Just over £2.5 million has been set aside by the Heritage Lottery Fund to support LNLP deliver a range of strategic and community based activities and projects from 2016 to 2021.


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Register your interest

Volunteers may be required to complete an Access NI disclosure for some volunteering roles.  A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a volunteer position.

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