Service Support Volunteer

Inspire Wellbeing


2 hours per day Monday, Wednesday and Friday
3 month commitment required

Where we are

Woodlands CWS
Molesworth Street

About the Volunteer Opportunity

Do you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea? Do you enjoy getting out into your local community? Then this role is for you! Taking place at our Woodlands Community Wellbeing Service in Cookstown, you will work in partnership with Inspire staff to provide a safe and supportive environment to ensure they enjoy the benefits of social interaction, community engagement and off course a good cup of tea or coffee.

This is an exciting role that aims to develop self-confidence, encourage positive choices and decisions, reduce social isolation and increase opportunities for social interaction and connection in the local community.

For this role, the following skills / experiences would be useful;

– A confident, friendly approach and a willingness to learn
– Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team
– Good listener, clear communicator and able to maintain confidentiality
– Patient, flexible and reliable
– An ability to respect others’ differences and choices
– An understanding of the importance of guidelines and procedures relating to key areas such as safeguarding and data protection
– Committed to Inspire Wellbeing’s Vision, Mission and Values.

About the Organisation

Since its inception, in response to emerging needs, Inspire has developed Inspire Mental Health Support services in towns throughout Northern Ireland. Inspire now has fourteen Day Support Centres with approximately 1,000 members attending regularly. Over the years, Inspire has continued to develop innovative additional services in response to the emerging needs of its service users. Through listening attentively to what our service users need, Inspire has been able to develop three Support services with around 100 members, 10 twenty four hour Supported Housing Schemes with 100 residents, 9 non twenty four hour Supported Housing Schemes with approximately 90 residents as well as three Floating Support Schemes which provide support to 35 people. Alongside these schemes Inspire Mental Health Services have also developed four Advocacy schemes which provided support to over 5,500 last year.

While continuing to develop services to support those with experience of mental illness, research shows that mental health is not achieved simply by treating mental illness, but also by promoting positive mental wellbeing.


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Volunteers may be required to complete an Access NI disclosure for some volunteering roles.  A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a volunteer position.